IR Insight 

Full redesigning of Nasdaq's Investor Relations Platform from the ground up. Two year project that revolutionized the way Nasdaq built and designed enterprise software. 

Role: Creative Direction

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Nasdaq Product UI + Style Guide

Established the entire look and feel for all Nasdaq Products. Created the main hub for documenting and sharing all reusable styles, components and patterns used on the Nasdaq products.

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Nasdaq Dark UI

Developed a new look and feel for Nasdaq's apps that require darker user interface.

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Redesign of Nasdaq's compliance application.

Role: Creative Direction

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Dorsey Wright

We were tasked with bringing the Dorsey Wright application inline with the Nasdaq Product family. In addition, we created a new mobile app based on the app redesign.

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Nasdaq Pay

Created a new platform that allows our clients to pay their product fees.

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Nasdaq Webhosting

Nasdaq CMS Platform

Dashboard design for Nasdaq's IR Webhosting product. Creative Direction & execution.

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PR Influencers

Introduction of new features on our PR platform, where users can monitor social media and engage with brand influencers.



Fitness class that encourages friendly competition through a Leaderboard Display and tracks the user's performance through a smartphone app.

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CD Network NY

Showroom Website. Front-end Development

Save the Date Invite

Hello Brooklyn Post Card